Monday, August 24, 2015

sketching Porto Cathedral

sketching Porto Houses (opposite view of Porto Cathedral)

sketching Church of São Francisco in Porto, Portugal

I met some Portuguese architecture students who were sketching the different churches around Porto for their final exams.  They invited me to join them and we sketched in front of the Church of São Francisco.

sketching an alley in Porto, Portugal

 This is the beginning of the Portuguese way to Santiago.  I was fortunate enough to spend a few days in Porto before I started my pilgimage!

sketching Igreja da Misericórdia in Porto Cathedral

After roaming around Porto, Portugal and finding inspiration in almost every street, I finally decided to sit down and sketch this church.  The church is called Igreja da Misericórdia.  While sketching, a lot of the locals would stop by and watch me.  I met this really nice Portuguese Family who started to talk to me.  They were so interested in what I was doing, they even asked me if I needed a place to stay.  I was so tempted, but I needed to stay focused because my plan was to do the El Camino De Santiago pilgrimage.  So I told them that I would have to come back to Porto and stay with them!

thumbnail sketches in Les Plans, Switzerland

Here were a few thumbnail sketches I did in Les Plans, Switzerland last June. 

Monday, August 10, 2015

painting 74: Painting in Florence (Fiesole Firenze)

 It was way too hot to be painting! It was early July in Florence.  I probably got bitten at least 20 times and I was sweating like a crazy woman!  I was fortunate that the guy who was hosting the airbnb I was staying at gave me a ride to the bus stop that brought me to Fiesole!  Unfortunately I forgot to give him back his helmet, so along with my huge backpack of paint supplies I was lugging around a helmet!  I also had to walk up a hill to get to the best viewpoints.  Oh yeah, and I decided to pick the hottest time of the day to paint.  So all in all, I learned what not to do for my next painting trip.  Next time I will paint super early and take a nice siesta, then I'll do a nocturnal painting!
Besides all the uncomfortable aspects of this painting day, the views of Fiesole were absolutely beautiful.  I'll have to come back and do it justice!